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Padahastasana – The Hand to Foot Pose

In the Sanskrit language pada means ‘foot’ and hasta refers to the ‘hand’. Therefore padahasta asana means the ‘hand to foot pose’.

Padahastasana - Hand to Foot Pose

1) Stand in Tadasana.

2) Inhale and raise both your hands.

3) Head and neck forward. Look up, keep your spine erect.

4) Now as you exhale bend down (keeping your spine straight).

5) The ideal pose is to place the hands on the floor, under your feet and the forehead touching the knees. (It is important that the knees remain straight without bending. As many suffer from a great deal of inflexibility in the legs, back and hips, this can be a very difficult posture in the beginning. You may rest your hands gently upon your ankles or thighs, or as far as you are able to stretch downwards without bending your knees, and gradually with practice attain the full pose.)

6) Try to be in this pose for around 20 seconds to start with and gradually you can increase it to 10 – 15 mins.

7) Slowly inhale and bring your arms above your head.

8. Rest in Tadasana again.


1) The abdominal organs are tones, the liver and spleen are activated.

2) People suffering with bloating sensation in the stomach, acidity and gastric issues will benefit immensely by practicing this asana.

3) People with knee injury (ACL damage) or slip disc in the vertebral column should not practice this yoga without a proper guru. If you can’t find a guru make sure you take classes from a qualified trainer. Just because they have a certificate doesn’t mean they’re qualified.

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