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Weight Loss

Slim Down Belly Fat Quickly

Slim Down Belly FatOne thing that everyone ways to to lose the extra pounds around the waist and do so quickly. By dropping extra pounds around your waist only will feel a lot more healthier and will also get rid of those chronic back pain and related ailments.Almost everyone with belly fat would have practiced something at least for some time in their life to get rid of those ugly flabs; something like dieting, exercising or even pills. We accumulate those extra pounds over a period of time and that can be lost only with sustained efforts, however small lifestyle changes can bring a huge difference in under a week.

1) Don’t just focus on what you eat, also focus on how you eat. You need to chew the food up thoroughly and eat slowly. Don’t drink any fluids 30 mintues before or after food, that can slow down the metabolism of the body. Eating slowly also aids in burning off the fat quickly. Fast eating screws up the metabolism and in addition will result in surge of blood sugar level upon digestion. Eating slower will also make us feel fuller with smaller portions.

However (unlike many say) don’t eat small portions many times a day stick to a 3 meal a day schedule. Have a good breakfast, a rich lunch have a light dinner. Have your lunch before 2 pm (According to ayurveda the digestive ability of the body is the highest during noon to 2 pm), and the dinner before 7 pm. Sleep two to three hours after taking the dinner, it is not good to go to sleep right after dinner. That will slow up your metabolism.

2. Drink ample amount of water throughout the day.. It is said that you need to drink 5 and a half liters of water a day (in any form). However the actual requirement varies a lot based on age, weight and the climatic conditions that you live in. If you are living in cold countries then the water requirement is less. Being hydrated is very important for proper weight management. In addition it flushes out the toxins and other bad chemicals from our body. It aids in slow aging. If you hate drinking plain water, you can substitute it with tender coconut water (which is rich in minerals as well). However start your day with 2-4 glasses of warm water, this will help you with your weight loss and in addition will help cure various other diseases.

3. Have your daily dose of Calcium. Good calcium consumption aids in proper weight management. In addition to that calcium acts as a good suppressant for people with food cravings. Good calcium supply to the brain will induce the system to feel full and hence eat less and avoid food craving. However you need to take calcium without much fat like Milk (reduced fat), Buttermilk (churned from yogurt) and finger millet. Yogurts made of reduced fat are very tasty yet exceptionally good for the digestive system, you can make yogurt at home using a simple yogurt maker and enjoy the complete nutrition of Yogurts and buttermilk.

These simple 3 simple steps added with some physical activities like walking, cardio and yoga can help you reach your weight loss goals quite quickly.

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