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Weight Loss

Maximise Your Chances Of Weight Loss Success With These Simple Ideas

If you are desperately seeking weight loss without pills or surgery, you could be limiting your success. To maximise the effectiveness of natural methods of losing weight, you may want to seek some help from other sources. While healthy diets and exercising will go a long way, sometimes our willpower needs a little boost to ensure we keep going.

Will power is a huge part of undertaking any change. You may be wanting to stop a bad habit like smoking or chewing your nails. You may just want to motivation to fight through that post-work tiredness and go to the gym. A positive mental attitude is really hard to come by most of the time, but to keep it going 365 days of the year is pretty much impossible. We are after all only human!

But we can set up our lives to maximise our chances of success. Think about the things, people and opportunities you have all around you most of the time. Write them down in a list if you like. Now think about how they can help you achieve your goals. For example, you have your mobile phone with you almost all the time. If it is a smartphone, you can download any number of apps to help you manage your exercise and diet. You can use it as a pedometer or Yoga trainer. You can log your daily weight and eating habits. Apps for your phone are powerful tools. Some websites can even offer a free diet kit to get you motivated.

You probably have a drawer or locker at work. Use it to store a pair of socks and trainers. Get in the habit of using them for your mid-afternoon break. A fifteen minute brisk walk round the block where your office building is will make a huge difference to your last couple of hours at work. You will feel more alert, and the extra exercise will help your weight loss and fitness.

Maximize Your Chance of Weight Loss Success

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Your colleagues, family or friends could get involved with you. Share an app and aim to work together or in competition with each other. Compete with your pedometer or work together to choose healthy recipes. Some apps allow you to see each other’s results and send complimentary or motivational messages. You can trial alternative ideas together.


At home, you probably have a smart TV or TV recorder. Use it. Set yourself an hour and a half in the evening to wind down in front of the TV before bed to watch your programmes on demand. The earlier part of the evening can be spent on your feet doing something more active! Create healthy routines and habits to make such lifestyle changes easier to keep.


Treats are important mentally, emotionally and physically. There will be times when you have a meal out with friends or family. Enjoy it, by ordering what you fancy, not necessarily what you would cook for your diet plan. Have a solid twenty-four hours off from exercise and healthy eating each week. It is hard work to maintain a good diet and exercise regime, so take a break to avoid it becoming an unpleasant chore.

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