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Weight Loss

Lose It! – The Best Weight Loss App For 2015


The adoption of technology into our fitness regimes and healthy meal plans has risen dramatically, to say the least. We’re tracking our steps, heart rates, number of minutes, number of calories, and much more through our gadgets. According to Healthy Celeb, the number of health app downloads doubled in 2012 from the previous year, and as more fitness companies expanded into the smartphone market, the rate of downloads steadily increased.

Smartphones aren’t just used for communication means anymore. They’re used for entertainment, lifestyle, and health. Although PocketFruity creators Gaming Realms reported that 50% of smartphone app usage comes from games, average daily use of health and fitness apps grew to 62% by June 2014. Simon Khalaf revealed that, “growth in health and fitness is 87% faster than the [mobile app] industry, which is itself growing at an astounding rate.”

As indicated by Statista, the top three reasons for downloading health and fitness apps including goal tracking, awareness of health issues, and motivation. The apps attracted people of all fitness levels, from the fanatic to the newbie, and everyone in between. One app that seems to apply to a diverse range of health situations is the iPhone/iPad app dubbed “Lose It!” By the thousands of reviews that gave it 4 stars for the overall app (and 4.5 stars for the latest update), it namely is a “successful comprehensive weight loss program,” giving its users options to how to shed those extra pounds.


Upon downloading the app, you’ll be asked to answer a few questions of your current health status so that the appropriate weight loss plan can be customized to your situation. Lose It! will help you set your goals and keep you on track with food intake, recipes, weight loss journal, exercise plans, among others. It even works well as a self-awareness resource, as their “Insights” feature give you an idea of where your calories and nutrients are coming from through charts and email reports.

One of the most interesting features of the app is the challenge platform. Getting fit is much better when you’re with others. To give users a sense of competition, the app offers one on one, team, and group challenges so that everyone can reach their health goals. The challenges can be about weight loss, overall wellness, and of course, weight loss.

Lose It! can be used in conjunction other health apps such as the Nike! Running App and CarePass by Aetna, so be sure to check those out to fully utilize this weight loss program.

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