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3 Popular Diet Trends in 2016

Diet Fads for 2016

Every year it seems like there’s a completely new wave of food trends, and fad diets emerging as the “hottest” thing. Of course, many of them go as quickly as they come, but there are some that manage to have staying power over the years.

One example of what seemed like a fleeting trend—the Low Carb Diet—has managed to hang around and remain relatively popular.

Another diet that’s not only remained popular but is also touted by many nutritionists and healthcare providers is the Mediterranean Diet. Even if you don’t adhere to all of the standards of the diet, many people borrow bits and pieces to incorporate into a regular healthy eating routine.

So what are some of the food and nutrition trends making waves right now?

The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet isn’t necessarily new, but it is becoming more mainstream. This caveman-inspired diet encourages participants to eat lots of lean and grass-fed meats and cut out the processed foods that weren’t part of our original ancestors’ diets. Paleo is often the diet of choice for people who engage in popular Cross Fit workouts. While it may be controversial in terms of effectiveness and how healthy it really is, it continues to grow in popularity. The trend in 2016 isn’t necessarily the diet itself, but the number of restaurants and cafes that are now catering exclusively to Paleo eaters.

Detox Diets

Detox diets, as well as juicing, are incredibly trendy right now, but nutritionists don’t find these plans to be sustainable over the long-term. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow sing the praises of detox diets, as they’re meant to cleanse your system of toxins while helping you lose weight along the way, but most experts say your body does a pretty good job of detoxing itself as long as you follow a general healthy diet. You don’t necessarily need a particular meal plan or juice fast to do that, and these aren’t great plans for sustaining weight loss over the long term.

The 3-Day Diet

The 3-Day Diet goes by a slew of other names including the Military, Army and Navy Diet. It also sounds rather tantalizing when it goes by the “Ice Cream Diet.” So what is it?

It’s a plan that claims to help you lose weight by creating a distinctive metabolic reaction. You eat about 1000 calories a day, and you follow it for three days at a time, then resume your normal eating for four to five days.

If it sounds pretty complicated, it is. It’s a restrictive diet, and it can be difficult to follow. While like many fad diets it may seem like a craze right now, it might not have much staying power, especially as it’s meant as a short-term solution. Also, it requires you to eat things like two hot dogs and ice cream for dinner. The 3-Day Diet isn’t necessarily the healthiest of choices if you’re looking for a permanent way to cultivate a healthier diet.

Future Fads

These are just three of the trends making the rounds among diet followers right now. Only time will tell what the rest of the year will bring, and while there may be some healthy concepts that prove to have staying power, many of the fads will likely be just that.

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