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What are Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian Cyst

When fluid gets accumulated inside a thin wall within an ovary, it is termed as Ovarian Cyst. However not all such things are medically termed as Ovarian Cysts, and only those that are larger than 20 mm in diameter is termed as an ovarian cyst. 20 mm is the minimum ... Read More »

Dangers of Nasal Polyps Surgery

Nasal Polyps Surgery

Conventional nasal polyps treatment generally involves steroid therapy as the first line of treatment and eventually surgical removal when steroids prove ineffective or intolerable. There are two types of nasal polyps surgery: nasal polypectomy and functional endoscopic sinus surgery. The former is used for polyps which are near the nose ... Read More »

Home Remedy for Eczema

Neem - Medicine for Eczema

Various persistent skin conditions fall under eczema. The general symptoms are dryness and skin rashes and it is characterized by redness, swelling, itching, flaking, blistering and cracking of skin. It is mostly chronic and recurs. It is also prevalent among families with asthma history. Conventional Medical Treatment Regular medical advice ... Read More »

Blackberry – Nutrition Facts and Tasty Smoothie Recipe

blackberry nutrition

Blackberries are fruits of plants belonging to the Genus Rubus. They are biennials or perennials. These are delicious and highly nutritious fruits. Though they are not classified as super fruits, they have very high levels of anti-oxidants and other nutritients. Another important feature of blackberries is the amount of dietary ... Read More »

Calcium – Dietary Mineral

Milk Rich in Calcium

Calcium is an important component of a healthy diet and is a mineral that is necessary for life. Ninety nine percent of the body’s calcium is stored in our bones and teeth and the rest 1% is in the body fluid and cells to perform many metabolic activities and muscle ... Read More »

Vitamins – What are Vitamins?

What are vitamins

Vitamins are an organic compound required for proper functioning of all bodily functions. They were named as Vitamins as initially they were assumed to only amines, so ‘vital’ ‘amines’ became vitamins. However vitamins are vastly diversified chemical compounds. Another generic definition of a vitamins are ‘those chemical compounds that cannot ... Read More »