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Truth about Vitamins and Micro Nutrients Supplements

Vitamins and micro-nutrients supplements constitute a huge industry by itself. People are very keen today to buy some vitamin supplements as they are increasingly getting aware of the missing nutrients in their daily diet. However people don’t understand the science behind the micro-nutrients.

Vitamins are classified in to two categories, fat soluble vitamins (Vitamin A, D, E and K) and water soluble vitamins (Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex).  When it comes to Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex a minor over dosage will not have any significant effect on the body as they will be excreted along with the urine. Except for Riboflavin ( Vitamin B2) which is sparingly soluble in water all other vitamin B complex vitamins are soluble in water and Riboflavin over-dosage has no adverse effects on the body. So the real problem arises with the oil soluble vitamins, the over-dosage of these vitamins are dangerous.

It is not just vitamin supplements, even herbal supplements should be consumed with care. Read More about The Unknown Facts and Risks of Nutritional Supplements.

Risk of Over-Dosage

vitamin supplementsNatural sources of vitamins (especially plant sources ) will not result in over dosages, however if you are taking supplements (that too which is not well formulated) you can end up in trouble. As it may result in many severe diseases like Hypervitaminosis A, Hypervitaminosis D, Heart failures (over-dosage of vitamin E) and excess coagulation (over-dosage of vitamin K).

So it is always advisable to have a balanced and planned natural diet to offer all the nutrients to our body in sufficient quantities. A peaceful mind and a balanced diet can keep almost all the diseases at bay, however if you have busy lifestyle and don’t have the time to plan you food or buy fresh vegetables, then as a last resort you can go for vitamin supplements. Check with your physicians and check the label for the correct dosage before having them.

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It is important to pick a specific plan based on your gender, there are some micro-nutrients more important to women than men, so keep your gender in mind while you pick your supplement. Here are the products which we recommend our visitors

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