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Health and Nutrition: Go Hand-in-Hand

Nutrition and good health go hand in hand and in today’s world nutrition is more important than ever. Today, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke are linked directly to the way we eat, how much we eat and what we eat.

Good nutrition is a big part of a healthy lifestyle; as well as not smoking or drinking, exercising on a regular basis, minimizing stress and not exposing yourself to environmental hazards.

Health and NutritionHeart disease can sometimes begin in early childhood; however, the process can be slowed down and in some cases reversed, if a person makes healthy changes in their diet and lifestyle. In addition, osteoporosis can be slowed down if a person maintains good Vitamin D levels, consumes enough calcium and maintains a consistent exercise program. Also, if you have a genetic background of diabetes, you can keep this disease away by keeping your weight down with a nutritious diet and exercise.

Vitamins and substances that come from a variety of foods can keep you in good health. It is important to eat a variety of foods and not just food that comes from one single food group. Eating in moderation is also important. Eating too much can result in excess weight; while not eating enough can lead to a low body mass and deficiencies in nutrition.

Nutrition is most important for your heart. Your heart can stay healthy by eating foods that are low in unsaturated fats and cholesterol. Clearly, certain foods increase the risk for heart disease such as eggs, butter and meats that are high in fat.

To conclude, some may not know it but eating nutritious foods gives us a higher level of self-confidence and a healthier lifestyle.

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