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4 Impressive Benefits Of Antioxidants

Today, we are always hearing about the health benefits of antioxidants and how amazing they are for you. We know that our cranberry juice and blueberries contain them, but many of us are unsure what it is that antioxidants actually do.

Antioxidants are a type of vitamin that helps to protect our bodies and immune systems from being attacked by free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that attack healthy cells in the body. According to recent research, these molecules can increase the risk of cancer, heart disease and problems with brain function.

Benefits of AntiOxidants

However, it has also been suggested that having too many antioxidants in the body could be harmful. But while excessive intake of antioxidants could be bad for you, there are plenty of impressive benefits, too.

  1. Boosts brain function

Recent studies have shown that the regular intake of vitamins C and E (found in antioxidants) can lead to better brain function. And, could reduce the risk of developing dementia.

But where can you get your intake of these vitamins from? You can either increase the intake of these vitamins through your diet or via supplements. For instance, these powerful anti-inflammatory supplements are high in antioxidants and can be taken every. In terms of foods, oranges, papaya, broccoli, and brussel sprouts, are all high in vitamin C, while peanut butter, sunflower seeds, and avocados are all high in vitamin E.

  1. Reduces oxidative stress

So what is oxidative stress? Oxidative stress is an imbalance between the body’s production of free radicals (bad molecules) and the body’s oxidative defenses. If this imbalance isn’t corrected, you will be more prone to developing diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Treating the imbalance is simple, all you need to do is ensure you are getting enough antioxidants in your diet.

But how much antioxidant foods and supplements do you need? This is a tricky question, and the answer differs for each person. The amount of antioxidants you need in your body depends on the amount of free radicals you are exposed to. For example, someone who smokes or takes drugs, would be exposed to more free radicals than someone who does not. And so, would need a higher intake of antioxidants.

  1. Has many general health benefits

As well as having the potential to help prevent serious diseases like cancer, antioxidants also have many benefits for our general health. These include the potential to help keep eyes healthy and prevent age-related eye disease and the potential to improve lung function. As well as, the potential to improve skin health and prevent skin cancer and other skin diseases from occurring.

  1. Has anti-aging effects

Recent studies have suggested that regular consumption of antioxidants in foods and supplements, like vitamins C and E, may be able to help slow down the aging process.

According to new research, regular consumption of antioxidants, including vitamins C and E could help to keep the brain functioning properly. Antioxidants can also help to keep the skin looking and feeling as healthy and youthful as possible.

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