Top 10 Hazardous Foods Eaten By Americans That Are Banned In Several Countries

2. Commercial Chicken Meat

Chlorinated Chicken

Thousands upon thousands of chickens are stuffed into small cages for their entire lifespan to produce huge amount of meat at minimal investment. Due to this extremely large scale operation and space constraints the chickens pick up a lot of harmful bacteria and virus. So these chickens are fed  with a feed containing several arsenic based drugs and antibiotics. These chemicals will make them grow faster and give the meat a nice pink color. Very high amount of these chemicals are found in commercial chickens. These drugs are extremely harmful to our body.

In addition to this, to remove all the pathogens completely the chicken meat is washed with a chlorine based chemical that has been weaponized to kill off any germs.

Banned in: The arsenic based antibiotics and chemical treatment is banned in European Union countries.

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