Top 10 Hazardous Foods Eaten By Americans That Are Banned In Several Countries

10. Preservatives BHA and BHT


Image Credit – Betty Crocker Recipes, Flickr

BHA and BHT are commonly used preservatives. It is found in most foods like cereal, gum, bread spreads, beer and so on. There is scientific evidenc that BHA is a carcinogen and induces cancer in rats. BHT is known to damage several vital organs. However we still use BHA even in infant foods.

Banned in: Both BHA and BHT are banned in several European Union countries and Japan. The United Kingdom has banned BHA in infant foods.

One thing is pretty clear, the food industry predominantly cares about their profit margins and not about the consumer safety. Eventually it is our responsibility to take care of our health and that of our family’s. Buy organic produce and cook your food instead of opting for ready-made processed foods.

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