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Chlorine – Dietary Mineral

Iodized saltChlorine is one of the most abundant element that is present in our body. It is classified as a dietary mineral. A healthy human needs sufficient quantity of this mineral, since the major source of chlorine is common salt (in the form of Sodium Chloride) there won’t be any case of chlorine deficiency due to poor dietary intake

Chlorine – Sources

The major source of chlorine is table salt, however the chloride salts in the hard water too are good sources of chlorine.

Biological Functions of Chlorine

Chlorine is required by the body to remain in a balance. Thee important biological functions of chlorine are:[checklist]

  • Chlorine is essential to maintain the pH of our body
  • It is important for proper generation of the stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) and aids in digestion and killing germs. It also maintains the pH at a certain level in the stomach for proper functioning of enzymes
  • Maintains the fluid level in our body[/checklist]

Chlorine – Deficiency

Chlorine deficiency is very rare and will not occur due to insufficient dietary intake. It happens mainly due to excessive vomiting or other related diseases. The condition is called as hypochloremia and happens due to hypoventilation, respiratory acidosis or metabolic alkalosis where the body becomes alkaline and loses the chlorine.

Chlorine – Requirements and supplements

On an average for a normal individual the daily requirement of chlorine is 2,300 mg/day. Elevations in chloride in our body may result in many risks like diarrhea, kidney diseases and overactivity of the parathyroid glands. It can worsen diabetes and result in a spike in the blood sugar level.

The chlorine that we get through fruits and vegetable is sufficient for our body however we consume a lot more in the form of salt in junk foods and while adding cooking salt. Limit your consumption of cooking salt and lead a healthy life.

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