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Tinea Versicolor – Home Remedies for Tinea Versicolor

Tinea versicolor  is also called as Dermatomycosis furfuracea, as it is sometimes caused by the fungi Malassezia furfur. However the commonly used terms for this condition is Pityriasis versicolor or Tinea flava.  The root cause of this disease is a fungus named Malassezia globosa fungus. This fungus is universally present, and it is present in the skin of most people but it becomes troublesome only under certain conditions like heat, humidity and poor immune system.

Tinea Versicolor – symptoms:

Home Remedy Tinea Versicolor

  • In people with dark skins, this disease creates light patches (hypo-pigmentation) and in people with fair skins it creates dark patches (hyper-pigmentation).
  • The patches are usually a quarter to one inch in dimensions and are of irregular shapes.
  • It affects areas like neck, shoulders, chest and sometimes the face.
  • Sometimes it forms scales in the skin. These scales are usually superficial and have an ask-like texture.
  • Profuse sweating will worsen the condition, as the fungi feeds on the dead skin and the skin oils.

Prevention of Tinea Versicolor:

  • If you are easily prone to infections (poor immunity) then avoid sharing of things like towels, sheets and other sports equipment. Prefer working out at home rather than going to a gym.
  • Wash your clothes in hot water with added fungicide.
  • One of the most common reasons for infection is walking on bare foot in places like locker rooms, swimming pools and bathrooms, so avoid it.
  • If you cannot avoid these places then make sure you wash yourself thoroughly using an anti-fungal soap or by adding tea tree oil to the water while you bathe.
  • This disease also affects your pets, so avoid touching your pets if the pets are diagnosed with this condition.

Home Remedy and Natural Treatment for Tinea Versicolor:

Before looking for any home remedy or alternative treatment, it is important to confirm the fungal infection. So visit your dermatologist to confirm fungal infection. The convenient treatment includes the usage of tinaderm or selenium sulfide (Selsun Blue shampoo). Both these are not prescription medicine and you can get it in most stores. Both are for external usage, Tinaderm should be externally applied on the affected parts of skin, preferably during the night time. Selsun Blue is an anti-dandruff shampoo and can be applied on the affected areas an hour before taking bath. Though there are no major side effects in using these, recurrence of the disease is unavoidable.

The best natural treatment for this condition is the usage of Cassia alata leaf extract. One application of Cassia alata leaf extract (one can also use bark extract), can cure this condition completely. If you don’t have access to this tree or this product then you can try Tea Tree Oil. Tea tree oil is one of the best known natural fungicide. The other very effective natural fungicide is neem leaf powder and neem oil.


Organic Neem Powder :

  • Origin from India
  • 100% organic
  • Extremely powerful and natural anti-viral and anti bacterial agent
  • Can be used as a natural colon cleansing agent
  • Along with Turmeric power can be a good cure for Acne
Tea Tree Oil :

  • 100% Natural
  • Treats most fungal infections like tinea versicolor and all other tinea fungal infections
  • For external usage only


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