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The Cause of Your Runny Nose and How to Cure It

Do you have a constant runny nose? Do you feel at your wit’s end with all of the snot and grossness? Having to constantly blow your nose or quickly sniffle to stop it from dripping at an embarrassing time can be a chore. Curing your runny nose shouldn’t be too difficult, but first you’ll need to know the cause of it. This information should be useful to you:

The Cause of Your Runny Nose

There are a ton of different things that could be causing your runny nose. Take a look at the following causes and see if any could apply to you:
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  • An allergy to wheat.
  • Cigarette smoke.
  • Hot and spicy food.
  • An allergy to seafood.
  • An allergy to pets.
  • An allergy to nuts.
  • The flu.
  • Dry air.
  • Bright lights.[/st_unordered]

If you suspect your runny nose is caused by an allergic reaction to something, you should cut something out of your diet and see if it stops. Make sure you do just one thing at a time so you can make this an accurate test. The term for a runny nose caused by allergens is perennial allergic rhinitis. If you cut out something you suspect could be causing your allergies and your runny nose goes away, you’ve probably found the culprit. However, it could also be something you can’t avoid, like pollen. Always see the doctor to be sure; especially if your runny nose doesn’t seem to want to go away. The doctor will give you advice on how to treat your individual condition, but here are some more tips that could help you:

A Humidifier

If you suspect dry air could be the problem, then sleep with a humidifier in your room. This should help to clear your sinuses. Dry air thickens the mucus in your nose and throat, making it very uncomfortable. A humidifier will add moisture to the air, allowing you to breathe more comfortably.

Mustard Oil

First grab half a cup of hot vapour water, then add 2 tablespoons of mustard oil to it. Inhale this vapour a few times per day and your nose should clear. This is a popular home remedy that many people swear by.

Hot Showers

Get in a hot, steamy shower to help get rid of your congestion. After a few minutes, you should find that you can breathe freely! Stay in for as long as you feel you need to clear yourself of this blockage.

Prop Up Your Head Before Bed

Sleeping with a runny nose can make it difficult to breathe. Prop your head up about 10 inches with extra pillows to help your nose drain instead of running down your throat (ew). Have tissues next to the bed handy.

Saline Spray

Saline spray can help thin out that mucus causing your runny nose. You can also make your own using salt and warm water.

Now you should have an idea of what is causing your runny nose and how you can get rid of it for good. Good luck!

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