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Tea Tree Oil for Acne – Is It an Effective Treatment?

Though we discussed the ayurvedic methods and home remedy to treat acne, the most commonly used alternative medicine for acne is tea tree oil. This is very popular as tea tree oil is widely available all around the globe and it is natural. Not only it reduces acne, but also is very beneficial for other skin problems like blemishes, wrinkles etc. However its use in acne is known since ages and nearly in all times. Tea trees are basically grown towards the Australian region and the tea tree oil is extracted from the tea tree plant. The tea tree oil is extracted when the leaves of the plants are harvested and steamed, through which the oil is produced. The oil produced is then refined and thus bottled and packaged.

How to Treat Acne using Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil – Most Common Home Remedy for Acne

Tea tree oil is not just applied and used directly, but now has become an ingredient of most over the top counter medicines used for treatment of acne as well as ointments and creams. The reason it is used as the ingredient for acne medications is due to the fact that it has certain natural agents that can help kill bacteria. When the skin remains free of bacteria, there are less chances of getting acne and other problems like pimples, blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads. Tea tree oil is said to be so beneficial that is is considered even better than benzyl peroxide in treating acne. it leaves the skin clear and smooth.

Tea tree oil is also used in some medicines as well as some cosmetics as well. For those who have acne and wish to treat themselves through tea tree oil, they should first refer to their dermatologist or physician as the method of application is a bit tricky. Tea tree oil should not be applied in huge quantities or otherwise it can cause several skin complications. For those who have normal skin, a very minute amount of tea tree oil mixed with water should be applied to give a good effect on the skin. For those who experience sensitive skin problems it is best to use tea tree oil after having it mixed with some aloe vera. The mixture should be mild for the first week and then slowly the dosage of tea tree oil can be increased so that irritation and problems like such do not occur

Tea tree oil should be used on clean skin, it is best to wipe the skin off dirt (you can also use a mild soap to clean the area before wiping off) and then tea tree oil can be applied. Several masks can also be made through tea tree oil.

Other Benefits of Tea Tree Oil:

In addition to acne treatment you can also use it for its refreshing effects when added to bath water. The other major disease that can be cured by tea tree oil is the toe fungus and cracking nails.

It is also important to select a trusted brand while going for tea tree oil treatment. The best tea tree oil comes from the Australian Tree (botanical name is: Melaleuca alternifolia), good tea tree oil should be clean smelling with a spicy scent.

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