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Home Remedy

Home Remedy for Acne

Neem and Turmeric for Acne

Neem and Turmeric for Acne

Acne is one of the most common diseases in the temperate zone and happens due to various factors starting from heredity, hormonal changes (especially during puberty), diet, stress and infections (especially of bacterium Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) and Staphylococcus epidermidis).

Acne can cause extensive damage to the self-esteem of youngsters and can even get them in to prolonged depressions and it is important to address this issue at an early state, modern medicine offers various ways to address this issue like

1)      Medications: Medications for acne ranges from

  1. Benzoyl  peroxide treatment
  2. Antibiotics (like erythromycin)
  3. Hormone therapy
  4. Retinoids
  5. Anti-inflammatory supplements.

2)      Dermabrasion: This can be extremely painful and takes a long time for healing and the skin will look raw for a long time. This is generally done aided by general anesthesia.

3)      Photo Therapy: A treatment using the visual spectrum of light, it is not highly effective, but don’t have any side effects. Laser treatments are also been practiced lately to remove acne.

Home Remedy for Acne:

With more than 50 million people being affected by acne in the US and Australia alone, acne treatment has now become a super big market for health care professionals and drug manufacturers, however recent studies are clearly proving that the bacterium P. acnes which is the major cause of acne is developing resistance for most of the drug treatments.

It is hence important to find alternatives for preventing acne and curing it in an early stage. Some of the home remedies to prevent acne (or from preventing acne from worsening) are:

1)       Regularly Clean the Skin Gently

Personal hygiene is an essential part in preventing most diseases and it is important in fighting acne as well. One should gently clean the skin with natural cleansers regularly. In eastern countries there are lots of natural cleansers which are used on a daily basis by many.  When washing your face or the other affected areas with these cleansers, they will wipe away the acne-causing bacteria P. acnes.

Some people may advice you to scrub the affected portions, but that is not a good thing to do and sometimes can worsen the condition. The natural cleansers that one can use for this can range from chick-pea flour, neem leaf powder and aloe vera extract. These are very effective but mild.

2)      Avoid Applying Cosmetics or Chemicals on Your Skin

We all want our skin to look good, but unfortunately many of us use cosmetics on our skin to make it look good.  The chemicals in the cosmetics can worsen the acne or trigger its worsening. If you don’t have access to natural skin care products and need some cosmetics, then make sure you opt for non-comdogenic cosmetics. Comdogenic agents or those which induces black heads (or white heads) and are generally oil based. The cosmetics that are non-comdogenic generally don’t aggravate acne.

3)      Don’t handle Your Skin Frequently

It is a simple thing, yet important in preventing acne from worsening. Simply avoid frequently handling of the skin.  One should avoid pinching, picking or squeezing the pimple since it will only worsen the condition. Over a long run this habit can prevent the formation of scars and infections.


Alternative Medicine for Acne:

Unlike what many people think skincare is not complicated and simple steps can lead to a healthy and good looking skin devoid of acne. In case you have acne, it is better to opt for alternative natural medicines than going in for a surgery, laser treatment or medications. Medications are becoming less effective as the bacterium is developing its resistance for the medications. Some of the easy alternative medicines for acne treatment are:

1)      Egg oil (also popularly called as egg yolk oil), is obtained from the yolk of eggs. This oil has numerous nutrients and xanthophylls. Indian and Chinese traditional medicine recommends this oil for skin and hair care. This oil is also rich in anti-oxidants and recent research shows that it acts as a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent and prevents.

2)      Tea tree oil (also called as melaleuca oil) is also effective in treating acne. It acts in the same way benzoyl peroxide acts, but without the side effects and dry skins. It kills P.acnes and also an anti –inflamatory agent. Learn more about Treatment of Acne using Tea Tree Oil.

3)      Neem and Turmeric: These two are highly revered in Ayurveda and Siddha medicine. Neem is often considered as a symbolism of a Goddess in India and it is one of the most powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral products on earth. When turmeric is mixed along with neem, the resultant product is a very effective medicine for acne and this is one of the most powerful, safe and effective natural cure for acne.

People also use papaya and aloe-vera as a natural medicine for acne; both are good for the skin however they are ineffective in treating acne.

Our Recommended Natural medicine for Acne:

Organic Neem Powder :

  • Origin from India
  • 100% organic
  • Extremely powerful and natural anti-viral and anti bacterial agent
  • Can be used as a natural colon cleansing agent
  • Along with Turmeric power can be a good cure for Acne
Organic Turmeric Powder :

  • 100% Natural
  • Can be used as a spice as well as home medicine
  • Extremely powerful anti bacterial agent
  • Can be used to remove toxins form the body. Have anti-cancer properties
  • Along with Neem powder can be a good cure for Acne

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