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Home Remedies Using Radish

The binomial name of radish is Raphanus Sativus. Radish is one of most common vegetables in dishes around the world. There are red, purple, back and white varieties and the shape can be long or spherical. Every part of radish can be used for food, right from the root, leaves, pods, seeds and flowers.

Home Remedies Using Radish:

Though a common vegetable, radish is used as a home remedy for a various diseases and conditions.  Some of home remedies using radish are as follows:

Remedy for Jaundice:

Radish Home RemediesLiver is the most affected part during jaundice and radish is very good for the digestive system as a whole and has a cleansing effect on liver. Radish leaves as well as black radish are extremely powerful in treating people with jaundice. It is a known detoxifier and purifies the blood and removes bilirubin from our body. Along with turmeric, radish can generally be used for liver rejuvenation.

Remedy for Urinary Disorders:

Radish is one of the natural diuretic agent. Radish juice cures the burning feeling while urinating. As a detoxifying agent it also removes toxins from the blood and with out the toxins from kidney and prevents any infection in kidney and urinary track.

Treating Skin Conditions:

Radish is rich in Vitamin C, B complex, zinc and phosphorus making it a good supplement for skin health. Radish is advised for people with dry skin as it has moisturizing effect on the skin. Radish can be ground in to a paste and applied on the skin, it cleanses the pores and rejuvenates the skin. It cures rashes, flaking and scaling of skin.

Radish Seeds for Vitiligo/Leucoderma:

Vitiligo is a skin condition characterized by loss of skin color (de-pigmentation), as the skin loss the black coloring pigment called melanin. Ground seeds mixed with dilute vinegar is an excellent home remedy for vitiligo. This in addition to treating this skin disease will also make the skin supple, shiny and healthy.

Home remedy for Piles & Constipation:

Radish is a rich source of insoluble fiber, these insoluble fiber is not digested by our stomach and retains a lot of water, thereby facilitation free bowel motion. It cures constipation, which is one of the root causes of piles. Radish also being a good de-toxifier aids in the healing of piles. The juice also has a soothing effect on the intestines.

Home remedy for Obesity:

A recent research classified obesity as a disease, and Radish is an excellent supplement for obese people and people who are in to a weight loss regime. As mentioned before, radish has good amount of insoluble fiber, making it a very filling food. It satisfies you hunger without adding much calories, making it one of the ideal supplement for weight loss.

Home Remedy for Insect Bites:

This vegetable has strong anti pruritic properties making it an effective cure for insect bites and stings of wasps and bees. It is also a mild anti-inflammatory agent and hence reduces the pain, swelling and the itching.

Other Medicinal Uses:

It is a good medicine for fevers and inflammations associated with fever. It is a known anti congestive and relieves conditions related to asthma, bronchitis and other associated respiratory problems. It brings down the body temperature and relieves inflammation due to fever. Drink radish juice mixed with black salt. Being a good disinfectant, it also fights infections which cause fever, thereby helping cure it. Colored radishes are rich in anthocyanins and other antioxidants making them a good anti-cancer food.

Radish is extremely good for overall health, add radish in your everyday meal and stay healthy and prevent diseases.

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