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Dangers of Nasal Polyps Surgery

Conventional nasal polyps treatment generally involves steroid therapy as the first line of treatment and eventually surgical removal when steroids prove ineffective or intolerable.

There are two types of nasal polyps surgery: nasal polypectomy and functional endoscopic sinus surgery. The former is used for polyps which are near the nose entrance while the latter is used for polyps deep in the sinuses and involves an incision being made in the face. Before opting for such procedures, there are a number of complications and dangers of nasal polyps surgery that you should know about.

Nasal Polyps SurgeryFirst of all, contrary to what you may think, nasal polyps surgery is NOT a permanent solution for most people, as recurrence of nasal polyps after surgery is likely. The reported frequency of nasal polyps re-growth post-operatively varies, but in most cases it is found to occur in most patients. According to Dr. Wynn and Dr. Har-El from the SUNY Downstate Medical Center at Brooklyn (New York, USA), 60% of patients who undergo nasal polyps surgery develop recurrent polyposis [1]. According to Dr. Mark C. Loury at Advanced Otolaryngology, PC (Colorado, USA), rates of recurrence can be as high as 75% [2].

In addition, nasal polyps surgery carries significant risks, the most serious of which is brain fluid leakage and intracranial bleeding [3].
[quotes_right]In addition to the risks and side effects, nasal polyps surgery can be very expensive[/quotes_right] This can occur because during the procedure, there is a chance that the bone between the nose and the brain is accidentally damaged. If brain fluid leakage occurs, the patient will have a high risk of developing meningitis (infection of the brain and spinal cord), which is potentially fatal.

According to the John Hopkins Sinus Center (Maryland, USA) another danger of nasal polyps surgery is vision alterations, which can be permanent [4]. This is due to the fact that the sinuses are very close to the eyes. There have been cases where patients have gone blind as a result of nasal polyps surgery, as reported by the Shandong Provincial Hospital & Shandong University (China) [3].

Doctors at the Peninsula Medical School (Exeter, UK) warn that there is also the danger of excessive bleeding requiring transfusion [5]. This is because during the procedure, an artery may be severed, resulting in haemorrhage. Other complications of nasal polyps surgery include injury to the tear ducts, perforation of the septum, thrombosis in the legs, and the development of asthma [3].

Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that nasal polyps surgery can be very expensive. According to the CNN, nasal polyps in the USA costs around $30,000 while in the UK it costs around $3,000 [6].

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