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5 tips for getting rid of acne

Acne is a curse of young and old alike. Long associated with teenagers who are going through puberty many adults are discovering to their chagrin they too are suffering from acne. So once you get it how do you get rid of it? The first thing is to establish it actually is acne and not zits. These is easily done by looking in a mirror. If the spots are inflamed and angry and pus comes out of them it’s full on acne, if they are just dry spots that you can feel rather than see they are zits. Here are 5 tops tips for getting rid of acne.

Change your diet 

We all know that the change of hormones in your teenage years are blamed for the over active sebaceous glands causing acne, but what about in adulthood? You really are what you eat as far as your skin is concerned and if you are experiencing breakouts after that pizza or fast food fest you need to take a good look at your diet. Drinking lots of water and eating fresh food instead of processed will not have a marked effect on your acne but also your overall health and well-being.

5 Tips To Treat Acne


Now don’t baulk at this, we are not suggesting that you aren’t clean, just when you have acne you have to not only keep your face scrupulously clean but also your hands. Everything you touch has traces of bacteria, you would freak if you knew what was on your computer keyboard! Touching your face is something we all so without thinking and are thus constantly transferring that bacteria. Wet wipes and hand sanitiser should become your new best friends to control the bacteria transfer.

Specialist products 

Even if you have a favourite face wash it could be aggravating your acne problem. Use only products designated for use with acne as these will ease the irritation and inflammation which are often worse than the actual appearance of acne. If you are in any doubt about what you should be using have a word with the pharmacist or even your doctor as in severe cases they can prescribe you a face wash.

Natural Remedies 

If you did an internet search of ‘how to get rid of acne naturally’ the results run into their millions.  One of the best and cheapest ways is by using Aloe Vera. This bad boy delivers a triple blow to acne as not only does it cool the skin down it will also reduce the inflammation and remove excess oiliness from your skin which may have played a major part in the flare up.


Get yourself down to your local health or leisure centre, wrap yourself in a towel and get into the sauna. All that steam is fab for stripping impurities from your face. Sure, your face will be red when you come out, but so will the rest of your body, wait until this subsides and see the difference it has made.  Make this a regular event in your beauty routine and you will soon see why the Scandinavian people swear by them, and why they all have great skin.

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