Long Pepper ( Piper longum ) – Medicinal Benefits

Long pepper technically called as Piper longum, mainly comes from India and hence called as Indian long pepper (Pippali). It is widely uses as a spice in South Asia.

It is the most widely used of all ayurvedic herb, the part used is the dried fruit. It is an important herb in Ayurveda and is considered to control vata and kapha. It has a strong pungent taste like black pepper, as it contains the same the alkaloid piperine, which contributes to the pungency of black pepper.

Long Pepper – Piper longum Uses:

Piper longum Uses

Piper longum Uses

According to Ayurveda long pepper aids in digestion, acts as an analgesic, improves circulation, acts as an aphrodisiac, destroys toxins and improves respiratory system.

Modern research also proves that in addition to these benefits, certain chemicals in long pepper might have anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties. It is also a known antimicrobial food.


Long Pepper – Piper longum – Areas it works?

Respiratory System: For centuries this spice is used as a medicine to cure diseases related to the lungs and respiratory system. It is mainly used to cure cold, and high mucus presence in the lungs. It rejuvenates the lungs and control the kapha dosha. People having asthma, persistent cold, running nose, bronchitis and pneumonia can use this spice as a home remedy.

Digestive System: It improves the digestive system, and helps to overcome issues like slow digestion and flatulence. Like black pepper this also aids in better absorption of nutrients.

Fertility: Though there are no scientific study done on this, for centuries it is considered as a medicine for infertility, impotence or premature ejaculation.

According to ayurvedic texts this spice also increases the longevity and acts as a detoxifier. It also addresses Insomnia to a certain extent. This spice works extremely well when taken along with the Indian Gooseberries.

Latest Research on Long Pepper.

A recent research on a particular component of long pepper (piperlonguminine) has shown promising results as a therapeutic agent for Alzheimer’s disease. The known issues with Alzheimer’s disease are the extracellular deposits of Aβ in senile plaques of the cerebral cortex. A Recent study proves that a mix of piperlonguminine and dihydropiperlonguminine can considerably control the expression of APP (Amyloid Precursor Protein). When the production of this protein is controled it is helpful for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.[1]

Other Perperamides present in long pepper including Piperlonguminine exhibits strong antimicrobial activity and anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties.[1]

How to consume Long Pepper:

There are several tasty recipes involving long pepper. However if you are alien to South Indian recipes, then the best way to consume this is in the form of soups or boiling this spice along with milk and water for 5 minutes and then drink it, it is an excellent medicine for asthma. It can also be consumed in the form of Chawanprash, a dietary supplement to improve immunity, longevity and address various diseases. However if you don’t have the time you can consume a couple of capsules of long pepper.

Note: Don’t consume more than 5 grams a day.


Long Pepper Capsules

  • 100 capsules
  • 100% vegetarian capsules
  • Cures respiratory diseases
  • Long Pepper aids in longevity, vitality and addresses infertility related issues
  • Cures various diseases




  • Derived from 2500 year old Ayurvedic formula
  • Totally chemical-free, natural and safe
  • Reinforces the immune system & helps fight disease
  • Herbal extracts in a base of Amla fruit (Indian Gooseberry) pulp
  • Has high amount of anti-oxidants

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