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Tyrosinemea – Siddha Cures

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Question — Sir, my son aged 12 years is affected by Tyrosinemea whereas report says that the disease doesn’t exist in Asia region. Though he is active and has normal growth, he is suffering with headache and it is generally relieved after vomiting. He was given homeo treatment and for the last 5 months siddha medicines of karisalai tablet, nellikkai lehiyam (Indian Gooseberry) and one more siddha medicine. Sir, though he feels better, his hemoeglobin has come down to 8.

My question is, was this happened due to those siddha medicines? Please help me to improve hemoeglobin to my son by food substitutes or any other medicines.

Kindly help me sir. Symptoms of my son were, discolored urine of yellowish with mild trace of  yellow in eyes. [/box]



We cannot provide you with a medical advice without knowing the body type of the kid and checking him in person. What we provide here are just generic information.

Indian gooseberriesTyrosinemea is relatively rare in Asia, especially in India. As you might know by now that homeopathy’s effect is just placebo (just a mental thing) and that is the reason why we don’t give any remedies based on homeo. Karaisalai and Nellikkai (Indian Goosebery) are both good, and that should not give any side-effects. Tyrosinemea is caused because of poor protein metabolism and poor liver functioning. Western medicine even advises a liver transplant. Indian Gooseberry (Nellikkai) is an excellent medicine in fine tuning our body’s metabolism (also protein metabolism). Hence it will help in relieving the symptoms and overall health improvement. If you are a non-vegetarian then avoid meat and eggs and also cut down on dairy products among vegetarian food cut down on almonds, soy, bananas and lima beans, as these food items have Tyrosine an amino acid which aggravates this disease. For protein use moong dal and Indian Chickpeas. Practicing yoga will greatly help his condition, especially ‘Mahamudra’.

When it comes to fall in hemoglobin levels, make sure you give your son supplements like Drumstick leaves (at least thrice a week), use jaggery instead of sugar and add dates as a part of everyday diet. Read more about improving the Hemoglobin levels.

There are several reasons for yellow urine and we cannot give suggestions based on this symptom. Even a high intake of vitamin b complex will lead to yellow urine, if it persists then please visit a doctor.

Good Luck.

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