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Tratamiento  Natural para el Vitiligo – La cura para el Vitiligo que los médicos no quieren que descubras

Vitiligo is a skin disorder that causes patches of white skin appear on different parts of the body. Common areas include parts of the body most exposed to the sun (such as hands, feet and face), as well as areas such as the armpits and genital area. The patches tend to spread, sometimes very slowly for several years and sometimes within days.

Vitiligo affects about 100 million people worldwide. In the United States and Europe, the prevalence is estimated at about 1% of the population. This affects all races and genders.

Medical treatments for vitiligo are usually very expensive, ineffective and associated with a high risk of side effects. Unfortunately, people with this condition often desperately seeking a cure, and are willing to pay any price, even when told of the problems and limitations of therapies. Each year, the pharmaceutical industry continues to create new, more expensive and still ineffective therapies. And profits for the industry continue to rise …

In fact, according to ASDReports.com, in 2011 it was estimated that the therapeutic vitiligo had a market value of $ 1.4 billion. For 2019, it is estimated that this market will grow to $ 2.7 billion, ie double the profits of this niche that is already profitable.

Knowing this, if I were to tell you there was a way to cure vitiligo naturally without the use of medications, special therapies or surgery … Would it surprise you that no doctor has told him about it? Of course not! In fact, every patient treated by a doctor vitiligo brings on average $ 2,000 to $ 4,000 a year, making them one of the most profitable to have patients.

Well, guess what, there is such a cure! And only involves the use of herbal extracts, vitamin supplements and some changes in diet and lifestyle.

And that’s not all. You see, this is not “new” or “cutting edge” research. Not at all, in fact, medical scientists have published reports on how to cure vitiligo in just a few weeks using only natural extracts and nutrients from the 1980s! And again in the 1990s there were several reports of Swedish doctors about how a single herb and / or vitamin supplements can stop the spread of vitiligo immediately and completely heal within weeks with zero side effects.

Now, one would expect that these major findings were big news. Not so. Veras, the pharmaceutical and medical industries are driven by profits, not the benefits to patients. That is why do they keep designing drugs that are costly, of limited effectiveness, and need to be taken continuously for years. That is the perfect combination to ensure increased profits. An example of such brazen large-scale enrichment is the widely prescribed statin cholesterol for anyone with even the high limit. Statins actually have a very limited effectiveness, are associated with a number of side effects, and … guess what … once a person starts taking them, will have to continue taking them throughout their lives! Not so surprising, no? The same applies to the cures of vitiligo – any healthcare provider or anyone involved in the industry will want to discover that you can be cured of vitiligo for just a few dollars of supplements when they can make you pay thousands of dollars for their therapeutic treatments “latest technology”!

Well, now you know better …

If you want to know more about natural cure for vitiligo that the medical industry do enough to keep hidden, the person to whom consultation is Michael Dawson. Dawson is an independent biomedical researcher and nutritionist, which in recent years has been working hard to expose unscrupulous tactics of the medical industry.

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