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Reverse Diabetes – A Diametrically Different Approach

It is high time to revise the theory of insulin resistance and diabetes that you were introduced to in your life so far. New path breaking research works proves that diabetes might actually be caused by free fatty acids (FFAs). The lipids in our muscle cells actually hamper the glucose metabolism.

There are some conclusive research works, indicating that the dysregulation of FFAs’ metabolism leads to insulin resistance and ultimately, type II diabetes. In technical terms according to the glucose-fatty acid cycle of Randle, the oxidation of FFAs over glucose makes them responsible for making the body insensitive to insulin, and eventually results in insulin resistance. These FFAs become very powerful when they enter your muscle cells from the blood stream.

These free fatty acids worsen diabetes by entering the pancreas and inhibiting the production of insulin. The medical and pharma industry has always seen thing from a different angle, they kept proclaiming that diabetes is systemic and has no cure.

You might be skeptical about his however there are several published research work which you can access in libraries, for instance J. Delarue. and C. Magnan’s 2007 publication “Free Fatty Acids and Insulin Resistance”. NCBI’s U.S. National Library of Medicine, has the book and the research clearly demonstrates that the accumulation of fat metabolites like ceramides or acyl-CoA inside the skeletal muscle and liver would cause defects in insulin signaling and glucose transport. Inflammation and oxidative stress would further increase the risk of insulin resistance. Finally, when fatty free acids bonded to peroxisome receptors, glucose metabolism would be further impaired. Based on these results, alleviating the excess of free fatty acids would be the perfect treatment for insulin resistance.

Effect of IGF-I on FFA and Glucose Metabolism

The IGF (Insulin-like growth factor) is also commonly referred to as the Growth Hormone/IGF-I Axis. Unlike insulin which is secreted by pancreases IGF is secreted mostly by the liver and several research works are beginning to uncover the important role the IGFs play in diabetes treatment. The following video presentation explains how one can beat diabetes with scientifically proven methods. You can reverse diabetes and lead a normal life, watch the presentation of Dr. Pearson.

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