Cholesterol Medication May Cause Kidney Disease

A recent study conducted by Canadian Network regarding “Observational Drug Effect Study” concluded that the use of high potency cholesterol lowering drugs might be extremely harmful for kidneys. The high potency version of these drugs are addressed as statins.

Kidney Disease Due to StatinsThis study was funded by Health Canda and the findings were published in BMJ (British Medical Journal) recently. This study explains in details on how strong cholesterol medications can lead to acute kidney diseases.

A significant number of people who took these strong medications over a period of 120 days ended up with acute kidney diseases. The significant issue here is unlike other medications, the cholesterol medications are taken by several people around the world.

[box type=”info” ]“Tens of millions of North Americans take these drugs, and so even side-effects that are relatively uncommon are important”, said Dr. David Juurlink, a specialist in internal medicine and clinical pharmacology at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.[/box]

The lead author, Colin Dormuth, highlighted the significance of these studies, as the previous studies conducted on these drugs were not large enough to provide sufficient evidence. However this study has established the clear link between regular dosage of statins and kidney damage. This study is a comprehensive one conducted over 10 years with a sample size of over two million people aged above 40.

Several researchers around the world today say that clinicians should consider the study and recommend low potency statins.

However the patients too should be careful in handling their body by providing right nutrition and complementing their regular treatment with natural methods to revitalize the body. Check our website for natural remedies for common ailments.

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