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Bronchitis – Home Remedy & Herbal Cure

Bronchitis Home RemedyBronchitis is essentially an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the bronchi. This inflammation will reduce the amount of air flowing in to the lungs, thereby reducing the oxygen supply to the blood stream. There are two types of bronchitis: acute and chronic.

Acute bronchitis is because of  illness caused by viruses and bacteria (virus accounts to 90% of bronchitis cases). In case of acute bronchitis the patient will have cough with or without sputum.

Chronic bronchitis, a type of COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease); it is characterized by the presence of a cough that lasts for three months to at least two years. Chronic bronchitis happens mainly because of recurrent injury to the airways caused by inhaled irritants. Cigarette smoking is the single major cause, followed by exposure to cement, SO2, nitrogen dioxide and other irritants.

There are other minor causes like improper breathing techniques, severe changes in climatic condition and high doze medicines.

[box type=”info” ]Number of noninstitutionalized adults with diagnosed chronic bronchitis in the United States over last year: 10.1 million[/box]

Home Remedies for Bronchitis

Honey & Pepper:

One teaspoon of honey mixed with a pinch of pepper taken thrice a day is a good symptom reliever for bronchitis.


Garlic is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent and is believed to bring the airway back to normal.

Sesame and Flax Seeds:

A sweet made out of flax seeds, sesame seeds and honey is an excellent medicine for bronchitis. This is an effective treatment for bronchitis, and in addition to that it is nutritious and acts as a wholesome food supplement. [know more about sesame and flax seeds]

Ginger, Long Pepper & Black Pepper:

Dried ginger powder, long pepper and black pepper mixed in equal quantity is considered to be the best medicine for any form of respiratory disease. This is an extremely effective treatment for bronchitis. [learn more about the scientific basis of how Ginger and Long Pepper works]


Turmeric mixed in milk alleviates the symptoms, it also helps in curing acute bronchitis, as it is a proven anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent. [know more about turmeric’s medicinal value]

Thoodhuvalai – Solanum Trilobatum

Thoodhuvalai (Scientific name is Solanum Trilobatum) is a night shade plant belonging to the solanum family. It is a powerful medicine for any respiratory disease. It controls cough and eases the air passage in the respiratory system. [know more about Solanum Trilobatum]


Pranayama provides a permanent cure for this disease. There are several kinds of pranayama, however shambhavi mahamudra and agni pran are very effective in curing this disease.

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