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Acupuncture – The Ancient Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture – a glimpse:
Acupuncture is considered one of the best remedies for curing pain. Pain such as tinnitus is heavily reduced via acupuncture healing. The ideology behind acupuncture and its use dates back to China. Some even claim that the ancient Egyptians had used acupuncture but not many reports where documented.

Acupuncture – How it works:

Acupuncture Chinese MedicineThe fundamental idea behind acupuncture is that the treatment somehow balances the chi in the body. It is a rapid working process and pain will be eliminated just as fast. Feel-good chemicals called endorphins are released as soon the needles puncture the skin and eradicate all feeling of pain. The energy flow in the body is then balanced as the reduced pressure increases the blood
circulation. Diseases are often treated with acupuncture to compliment treatment performed by medics. In some cases it is used as primary treatment. Many people suffer from tinnitus and acupuncture is seen as the one of the best ways to get rid of the pain.

Acupuncture – The Common Fear

The very precise needles insert into pressure points. When these pressure points are hit special chemicals are released in the body. This is how pain is eventually eliminated, via these chemicals
that are released. The biggest problem most people face with acupuncture is the needles. It’s not surprising that this is a fear of many as they are quite sharp but patients can rest assured that they do not hurt. Well for most people it does not hurt but there are a few people that will feel a lot of pain. This is factored by their pain threshold, skin thickness and mentality. People with a weak mentality, weak skin and low tolerance of pain will suffer a lot of pain. The amount of times the procedure is performed is dependent on the severity of the pain. There are a plethora of acupuncture companies and parlours around town that will offer you a quality acupuncture treatment.

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