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What Could a Juice Cleanse do for You?

Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses are all over the place these days. Our favourite celebrities are doing them. Our next door neighbour is doing them. Just about everybody is doing them. It kind of makes you want to do one too, right? Of course it does! We’re only human, and monkey see, monkey ... Read More »

Vitamin E May Harm, or Help, Your Lungs

Olive Oil - Vitamin E

A form of vitamin E found in vegetable oils like corn and canola may worsen lung function, while another form typically found in olive oil may protect it, a new study suggests. The findings may help explain why studies of the health effects of the vitamin have had conflicting results. ... Read More »

Health and Nutrition: Go Hand-in-Hand

dietary supplements

Nutrition and good health go hand in hand and in today’s world nutrition is more important than ever. Today, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke are linked directly to the way we eat, how much we eat and what we eat. Good nutrition is a big part of a healthy ... Read More »

Olive Oil Can Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Alzheimer's Disease

It is a well known fact that extra virgin olive oil is far healthier as they are the least processed forms of olive oil; they have more monounsaturated fatty acids than other olive oil. The extra virgin type also have more polyphenols. In fact lignans like acetoxypinoresinol, pinoresinol are present only ... Read More »

GMO Food – Poison in a Platter

Dangers of Genetically Modified Food

Source of the Article and Video Mahesh Bhatt says: Promotion of Genetically Modified Food is an Act of Bio-terrorism!! Renowned filmmaker and social activist Mahesh Bhatt today launched a scathing attack on biotech multinational companies and their nexus with regulatory bodies for unleashing what he describes as ‘bio-terrorism’ in the ... Read More »

Probiotics – The Right Way For Better Health

Probiotics in Human Intestine

Bacteria have an important role in a person’s health. People have the misconception that all bacteria are bad for health. The truth however is far from it. In the human intestine, the beneficial bacteria control the growth and activities of the bad bacteria. These good bacteria also help in building ... Read More »

Blackberry – Nutrition Facts and Tasty Smoothie Recipe

blackberry nutrition

Blackberries are fruits of plants belonging to the Genus Rubus. They are biennials or perennials. These are delicious and highly nutritious fruits. Though they are not classified as super fruits, they have very high levels of anti-oxidants and other nutritients. Another important feature of blackberries is the amount of dietary ... Read More »