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Red Clay Treatment for Skin Conditions

Ayurveda in addition to the numerous herbs also uses the four elements of nature to cure diseases. Mud therapy, aqua therapy and hot steam therapy are prescribed for various diseases. Among them mud therapy is very common for most skin diseases. Either a mixture of four kinds of clay of certain kind or herbal clay mixture is used to treat many skin conditions. Red clay treatment is one such and is now being practiced by a lot of people around the world to address certain skin conditions.

Red Clay – Overview:

Red Clay Treatment

Red Clay is a kind soil which contains abundant quantities of minerals in it (without potassium and calcium). Red clay’s pH is around 4-5 making it clearly acidic, so it improves the effectiveness of the treatment. The characteristic color of the soil is because of iron oxide (which is also used as a common red coloring agent for the floors). The color of the soil varies from deep red to yellowish-orange based on the quantity of the iron oxide in it. However the medicinal properties of the clay is not attributed to the iron oxide, but to the other minerals present in the soil and also the acidic content of the soil. The soil is acidic and provides the optimum pH for the minerals to treat the skin conditions. Another major component of this soil is kaolinite. Kaolinite, today is extensively used in the cosmetic industry and in tooth pastes. It is the most important component of cosmetics like ‘face packs‘. Kaolinite is also a soothing agent for stomach upsets and today lot of pharma companies produce this mineral commercially for treating diarrhea.

Red Clay Mud Therapy:

Ayurveda actually uses 4 different clay and a combination of 12 herbs in the mud therapy, however this cannot be practiced at home as a home remedy. Instead red clay which is widely available in most continents in the world can be used as a home treatment for various diseases. This treatment will have a purifying and rejuvenating effect on the skin. The minerals present in the red clay will have nourishing effect on the skin. This will naturally draw out the toxins, impurities and dead cells from the skin making it smooth, shiny and supple.

How to:

Make a concentrated juice of Ginger, using a low speed blender or manual grinding. Add the red clay slowly to juice and keep mixing it. The mixture should not be watery or hard, it should reach the consistency of a toothpaste. Apply the paste on the face or other areas (avoid the area around the eyes and the skin portion under the nose. Let the paste dry naturally and wait for 40 minutes to 1 hour. Then waste gently and tap dry using a pure cotton fabric.

Benefits and Uses:

This can be an effective treatment for skin conditions like acne, dry skin and scaly skin. Recent studies have proved that it is effective on mild cases of skin diseases like vitiligo. It can also address fungal infections in skin like tinea versicolor. Even if you are not having any of these skin conditions this can be used effectively to keep you skin healthy and beautiful.

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