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How To Cope When Cold Sores Attack

There are few things in life that make us feel as self-conscious as blemishes on our faces. After we have spent a fortune on cleansers, toners and makeup, and spent the time using them routinely, we still can’t escape those odd days when our skin erupts.

Acne is treatable with natural remedies, pharmacy products and prescription medicines. However, getting a pimple is usually unexpected and may be caused by hormones or stress. Once they have been treated for inflammation and infection, the appearance of the spot can be improved with makeup. Be careful to keep it clean, removing makeup frequently to let the skin breathe and heal.

While a spot can be hidden with makeup or maybe even hidden by our hair, a cold sore cannot be concealed. As it appears on our lip it cannot be hidden. Our mouths are the most noticeable feature on our face too, so there is no chance of people missing it. It can feel like a great big red traffic light that certainly stops people in their tracks when they are speaking to you. So if it cannot be hidden, can it be removed? No. Once it is at this full blister stage, you will have to wait for it to dry up, crack and then heal. To reduce the unsightliness you can try keeping the skin around it moisturized.

There are several natural remedies that may help you heal quicker. Some people suggest licorice powder or aloe vera gel applied directly to the sore could help it heal. There are over the counter remedies at your pharmacy that may help protect it during the healing phase. You can also purchase chapsticks relatively cheaply that claim to be able to reduce the pain and prevent the cracking associated with a cold sore.

Cold Sores

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If this isn’t your first cold sore, you probably recognise that awful itchy tingle we have a day or so before the sore seems to take over our face. It is an early warning signal that the virus that causes the blister has awakened and is ready to wage war on your mouth. This virus is very similar to the herpes virus that affects us ‘down there’. Unfortunately, once we have the virus none of the remedies so far discussed will cure us. There are lots of options for relieving the symptoms, but that pesky virus just won’t quit. There are prescription strength drugs that can keep it at bay. Specialist website MyLastOutbreak discusses in detail all the reasons this particular virus is so tough to get rid of.

If you are a cold sore sufferer, you are not alone. Cold sores are a common complaint, and no-one is entirely certain why the virus suddenly chooses to wake up and have a party on our face. If it is a recurrent problem, do speak to your GP as a doctor may be able to arm you with useful hints, tips and advice, as well as some effective preventative medication. And remember, you’re more likely to get sympathy or empathy than anyone running away from you because of it!

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