You Won’t Believe What’s In This Girl’s Urine!

This study is about a family from Sweden, before and after going completely organic. Typically, their entire family eats conventionally grown groceries, mainly because organic food is more expensive (especially for a family of 5).

The Swedish Enviroment Research Institute [sic], also known as the IVL, had them eat nothing but organic food for two weeks, testing their urine both before and after for pesticides. The results were shocking!

Each family member’s urine was chock-full of pesticides at the beginning of the study. However, after the experiment was over, these levels were severely reduced. The entire family was happy with the whole process, the mother saying that, since she has become aware of the amount of chemicals that left her children, she doesn’t want those chemicals back. The hope for this study was to show everyday people how easily eating organic could help them. We think it’s working.
Although we don’t know the effect of these pesticides on the human body, Jörgen Magner of the IVL points out that “chemicals can be much more harmful when combined together.” The experiment concluded that “choosing organic foods not only reduces the levels of a number of pesticides that we are exposed to through what we eat, but also reduces the risk of a long-term impact and combination effects.”

In short, the jury is still out as to what the chemicals found in conventional foods do, but by eating organic foods, we reduce the risk of finding out that they do something bad to us. Organic foods might not be significantly more nutritious, but they are worth the money if you care about “promoting ecological balance.” Do you really want to be eating pesticides? Or are you OK with sticking around until we find out what they do to our bodies?

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