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Tips For Caring For Braces

Caring for your braces is important and will sure that your teeth make the most of these tools.

Straight teeth look great, are a cosmetic benefit and can change the whole shape of your face. Whether it’s invisible braces and traditional ones here are some tips to care for yours.

Tips For Caring For Braces


The first item on our list of braces tricks and tips that have served us well is changing the way you eat. You may desire to eat as you used to before you started treatment. It is possible, but it can be very painful, especially after you get your first set of wires attached. Take smaller bites and chew softer food items. Broths, soups, and yoghurt will be comforting the first couple of days. Remember to avoid crunchy, sticky foods in general.

Rubber Bands

This part is perhaps the most tedious. It is also a critical element of your treatment. Rubber bands serve several purposes, like closing your bite. Those tiny little things can prove quite hard to keep track of. They normally come in a small pouch and can easily spill over when you least expect. Try to string tem on a line of floss and knot the ends together loosely. Doing so helped us keep the rubber bands together.

Brush regularly

Okay, obvious fact alert: you need to brush regularly. There are many hiding spaces in your mouth for food particles and debris to hide. Now, picture just how much this multiplies with wires, brackets, and rubber bands included. For some time we used two, and sometimes even three brushes to remove food particles and to stimulate the gums. This was a bit cumbersome. We discovered that taking our time with a single brush worked as well as when we were using three.

Floss regularly

Wearing braces makes eating weird and flossing even trickier. Now you have multiple new obstacles in the way. There are several flossing strips designed specifically for braces. These are wonderful, especially the fussy type; we adore those; they capture everything. If you run out of floss strips or money for the floss strips, use regular floss. Take your time and lace it carefully through the wires ensuring that you get each area.

Beware Of The Wires

At times, regardless of what you do, you may still experience a malfunction. For example, an end bracket dislodged and the wire injured my son’s cheek. Fighting the urge to clip the wire was hard; nevertheless, we still made it through. Unless you are an orthodontist or his assistant or have either of the two in your home then never attempt to correct the situation on your own. Apply some wax and call the orthodontist.

Mind Your Tongue

Have you ever heard of the term ‘tongue thrusting’? Yeah, I also immediately thought of some kind of rogue kissing too. That is not what it means. It simply refers to the way you move your tongue when swallowing. It is present in babies and many individuals lose it as they age. We learned about it after braces came off and our newly corrected bite opened up slightly. We are now working to correct it. You do not have to wait until the braces come off. While still in treatment, you can start training and strengthening your tongue to ensure that your bite never opens up later.

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