Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein 15G – Review

As someone working on creating an awareness among people to cut down on animal proteins, I began searching for healthy alternatives. This when I started researching about hemp and the advantages of hemp as a complete nutrition supplement. I was throughly impressed, especially with the amount of protein and nutrients it contained. The next step is identifying the best vendor for hemp protein. After extensive research we ended up recommending Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein, beyond doubt the best hemp protein available in the market. So I ordered me a 3lb. bag. Hemp protein is not a delicious snack, it is not that tasty but saying that Nutiva hemp protein had a nutty, almost like peanut butter taste to it. If you have never tried hemp in any form, seed or powder, you must give it a try. The taste is better than the likes of flaxseed or salba seed or any of the others I’ve tried. I highly recommend this product of hemp overall for those who are looking at hemp protein as an alternative or addition to their diet and health.

Nutiva Hemp Protein SupplementThe hardest thing is that it’s green, so it doesn’t mix well with foods of other colors. So, you’re certain to get stares at your green food, but you’re probably already used to that if you’re looking at hemp protein in the first place. My resistance training progression has been completely positive and my endurance has improved. As a vegan, all I can say is that this stuff is a necessary addition to every vegan’s diet.

[tabs type=”horizontal”][tabs_head][tab_title]Pros[/tab_title][tab_title]Cons[/tab_title][tab_title]Summary[/tab_title][/tabs_head][tab]Excellent Nutritional profile, with 50% protein, 20% dietary fiber and a rich source of GLA and omega 3 essential fatty acids. A complete nutrition supplement. Vacuum packed and fresh[/tab][tab]A person not used to the taste of it might not like it at the beginning. Should opt for good recipes.[/tab][tab]A highly recommended product for all organic enthusiasts and vegans who want to compete with the main stream people in protein consumption. [/tab][/tabs]

We Would Strongly Recommend This Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Supplement.

Review: Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide
  • Made from USDA-certified-organic hempseeds
  • 50% protein, 20% fiber, 12% beneficial fats plus vitamin E and iron
  • Blends smooth and creamy for a sweet tasting protein
  • Stir into juices, smoothies; also add to cereal, yogurt, batter mixes
  • Imported; hempseeds legally grown by Canadian farmers

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