Hip Fitness Outfit Brands to watch out

Have you heard, label-loving is no longer a crime when you are looking to buy real good activewear. It’s not just your vanity; fashionable sportswear is now backed up by science. Recent research supports a concept called “enclothed cognition,” which says that what we wear can directly affect what we do. So, the more we like our fitness apparel, the more likely we are to work out hard and shed those pounds. There, now you don’t have to feel so bad about buying branded yoga pants. So here’s a list of trending fitness brands, currently shaking the Lululemon-dominated fitness apparel world, to consider on your next buying spree:


If there’s one brand that Aussies can worship and be proud of, L’urve is it. Their hip workout clothes from the Down South have been steadily challenging established brands like, well, Lululemon. Is it so surprising when they have fitness items like leopard-print running shorts, tank tops with twisted netting on the back or indulgently striped leggings? L’urve is not reserved when it comes to colours either. Be ready for bold leather and blinding citrus designs.

Move by Alternative

Staying devoutly true to its iconic name, Move by Alternative offers eco-friendly fitness apparel options for those tired of the same ‘ol brands. The workout clothes, which range from tops to tights, are made from non-toxic material that are coloured with organic, low-impact dyes that are less likely to irritate the skin. Eco-friendliness is hardly the only perk of Move by Alternative. Their extremely practical outfits come in eye-catchingly sophisticated designs. If glamorous comfort is your thing, then Move by Alternative is for you.

Fitness Outfit 2

Theory 38

This chic brand offers stylish workout clothes that are easy to turn into street wear. Their items come in a no-nonsense black to grey range of colours. Theory 38 activewear is sleek and stylish without compromising on comfort. If you want workout clothes in top-of-the-line synthetic material that wicks away the sweat and keeps you moving, Theory 38 has it all. Not only that, you can buy your sports bras and gym pants in snakeskin print or with laminated inclines. Win win.

Electric Yoga

Basically, this ambitious brand by a fashionista and a master yogi strives to be the ultimate yoga outfitter for the style-minded practitioners out there.  They have all kinds of stunning yoga pants that can easily transition between workout sessions and casual wear. Vibrant designs are already attracting Electric Yoga high-end clientele like Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio.


Perhaps you already know them by their proper name, Mondetta Performance Gear. MPG is where serious athletes with fashion sense shop at, like triathlete Brianna Blanchard and ballerina Kaori Nakamura. You know you can get the best bang for your buck here. MPG’s highly functional outfits are separated into five categories: yoga, run/fitness, dance/lifestyle, golf/tennis, and urban commute (better known as street wear). For reasonable prices you can buy swanky outfits, and you can pay more for waterproof, thermal and windproof features.

Fitness outfit 3

Now you don’t have to bargain off looking posh for added comfort. With above brands, you can have the best of both worlds.

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