Fake Alternative Medicines Debunked – Part I

There are miraculous herbs that cures several diseases, even those diseases that cannot be cured by conventional medicine. However in the name of alternative medicine a lot of  wrong and misleading information is also passed on to innocent patients.

Science and alternative medicine are not mutually exclusive sets, even though Ayurveda and Siddha medicine systems are considered as alternative medicine systems, they have a strong scientific basis to their methods. However of late there are several fake medicines and methods are passed on to innocent patients in the name of alternative medicine. This has resulted in several deaths and complications. Alternative Medicine community, cannot call a particular herb as a medicine, if science conclusively proves otherwise.

Debunking Fake Alternative Medicine

Here is a list of some of the cases where science has proved certain alternative treatment useless or counter productive.

Aveloz: Aveloz is a plant seen is certain regions of Africa and Brazil. This plant was hailed as an wonder-cure for several forms of cancer. Several studies were conducted on this herb, but none of the studies could conclusively prove the anti-cancer properties of this herb. Ironically animal testing has proved that this herb can actually increase the tumor size of certain forms of cancer. It also resulted in some or the other forms of skin diseases.

Miracle Mineral Solution: Jim Humble once introduced a solution which he called as ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’. This was nothing but a highly concentrated solution of Sodium Chloride. He and his followers claimed that it was effective against cancer, autism and even HIV. It is now conclusively proved that this miracle solution has none of the benefits as claimed. It is now prohibited in certain countries.

Escharotics: This is a particular class of chemicals, used to treat cancers and STDs. This was widely used for over a century now. The practitioners used the chemicals to peel off the skin by forming a dead tissue layer called as ‘eschar’. It was believed that it cured skin cancer. There is not a single conclusive proof for the effectiveness of the treatment. The method becomes all the more dangerous because of the scars and burns that it created on the patient.

Germanium: Germanium is similar to silicon in several properties, it is a metalloid and was touted as a cure for numerous diseases by a group of practitioners. They claimed that it could cure cancer, diabetes, Hepatitis and so on. American Cancer Society has conclusively proved that germanium is hazardous to human health and cannot cure cancer. Scientists have also proved that Germanium may cause fatal kidney damage.

Nature has provided us with cures for several diseases and ailments. However we should be wary of those who misuse this belief to pass on fake and dangerous information as alternative medicine.

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