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Advantages of Using An Ear Thermometer

Advantages of Using An Ear Thermometer

Fever is often the first symptom of the start of an infection or an illness and sometimes possibly even some medical conditions. Babies, especially, in their early years fall ill often and have a fever usually even when the weather changes. Fever thus needs to be checked immediately to diagnose and provide the timely and desired treatment for the patient, who could be a child or an adult. To check for fever, one needs to measure the body temperature and in order to do that, a thermometer is a necessary tool.

But there are a variety of thermometers to choose from, like the normal one, where the mercury is seen rising through the glass. But it is now an obsolete variety, the digital one used by placing in the mouth or armpit or the one giving a more accurate reading – the ear thermometer.

Many believe an ear thermometer to be an expensive option but given its benefits, the ear thermometer price seems nominal and not exorbitant.

Advantages of using an ear thermometer

The ear thermometer measures the tympanic membrane temperature which is the temperature within the ear canal, that of the ear drum since it is believed to closely reflect the temperature of the brain and provide an accurate reading of the temperature of the body in general. The benefits of using this thermometer is listed here-

  • This thermometer is ideal for being used in unwell infants because kids are usually are unwilling to get their temperature measured and can be quite a struggle. It is easy to operate and can get a reading in a jiffy.
  • The normal type of thermometers need to be thrust in the mouth to get a temperature reading. This method can be discomforting for children and adults alike. In fact, kids often get scared by the thermometers put in the mouth as they dislike the feeling of being prodded. By using the ear thermometer this problem is eliminated as the thermometer is easy to use, easy to take a reading and gentle as well as comfortable to use, ideal for the delicate and tiny ears of infants.
  • There is no machine or designated method to clean thermometers that are put in the mouth to take the temperature reading. With an ear thermometer, a cover (which is a plastic filter) is inserted on the tip of the thermometer, often termed as the nozzle, put in the tympanic membrane to take the temperature and then the plastic filter is discarded post recording the body temperature. This helps keep at bay the risk of cross infection and contamination, thus maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.
  • The tympanic membrane, which is commonly referred to as the eardrum, has the same blood supply as that shared by the temperature control center of the brain. Therefore, when measuring the temperature within the ear is close to taking that of the brain. This makes the ear the most ideal location for measuring the body temperature, getting an accurate reading and making the ear thermometer the right choice to check for rise in body temperature.
  • The ease of using an ear thermometer further adds to its list of benefits. The thermometer is easy to handle and displays the temperature readings with the click of a button, which is quite convenient and uncomplicated apart from being simple to operate.

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