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6 of the Simplest Ways to Improve Your Health

When you think about making strides to improve your overall health and wellbeing, it can be a daunting prospect. You may think making health improvements will require you to radically change your lifestyle, exercise for hours a day or follow a strict diet. While these can be things that benefit your health positively, improvements don’t have to be huge to make a difference.

Consider these tips which are incredibly simple, inexpensive and manageable ways to improve your health, no matter who you are.

  1. Drink a Glass of Water

While many of us know the health benefits of water and the problems that can arise when we don’t get enough, we’re still not drinking the daily recommended amount. Instead of trying to drown yourself in gallons of water every day, try just to add one extra glass to your routine. If you want to up the flavor and the health factor, squeeze some lemon into it.

  1. Work on Your Posture

So many of us are guilty of having bad posture, particularly when we work at a desk or a computer all day. Bad posture isn’t just unsightly. It can cause stress to different parts of your body, and it can also lead to pain, which can then start to feel chronic. Try consciously focusing on your posture for a few minutes every day, and over time, it will start to be a habit for you.

  1. Get 30 More Minutes of Sleep

Sleep shouldn’t feel like an unattainable luxury. Your body requires it, and not just one the weekends or when you’re on vacation. Every aspect of your body needs adequate amounts of rest to function optimally, from your brain to your muscles. Even if you can’t get to bed three hours earlier every night, aim for adding just 30 extra minutes of sleep to your routine and pay attention to the benefits you’ll feel as a result.

  1. Focus On Your Teeth

Your teeth, gums, and overall oral health aren’t just important for vanity reasons or so you can avoid a visit to the dentist. Your oral health is a significant part of your overall health as well, and having bacteria in your mouth or poor oral health can cause infections and inflammation. Investing in a good quality electric toothbrush and being more mindful in your mouth care routine can go a long way for your complete health.

  1. Take a Work Break Every Hour

Most of us have sedentary jobs, and we find that we’re spending the majority of our day sitting. Researchers are finding being sedentary is one of the worst things for our health, and even if you can’t exercise outdoors during the workday, try to get up and move around, even if it’s just to stretch your legs every hour.

  1. Try Something New

If you can encourage yourself to try something new every week, even if it’s something minor, you’ll be challenging yourself and that sense accomplishment can then translate to meeting larger health goals. For example, try visiting a healthy restaurant in your neighborhood, going for a short walk around the block, or taking a new class at the gym.

Incremental Steps to Better Health

Getting healthier doesn’t have to be intimidating. Don’t look at it as a massive shift that’s all or nothing. Look at getting healthier as a process that starts with simple, incremental actions that turn into bigger lifestyle changes.

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Ajithkumar, an Engineer and a management professional is the founder of AlternativeMedicineWiz.com. He’s practiced Yoga and Pranayama for more than a decade, after learning it from his renowned guru Gireeshan. He has a keen interest in Ayurveda and Siddha medicine.

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